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August 11, 2017 • By Dennis Beaver 

“My father died recently with no will or trust, and we are just going crazy trying to locate deeds to property, insurance policies, bank accounts and so on. We urged him to address these issues when he was first diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer, however, being very old-fashioned Chinese, talking of death is taboo.

“We miss him so badly, but we are angry at him and yet feel guilty because we feel this way. You could do a public service by writing about the need to plan so that your loved-ones are not left in such a horrible situation. Thank you, Helen Chang.”

We ran Helen’s question by Boca Raton-based Elder Law attorney Howard Krooks, past president of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, who practices in New York and Florida.

“Dennis, your reader beautifully stated the way so many families in this situation feel. Generally speaking, it is true that people do not like to talk about illness, loss of independence and death. When it comes to doing the things which will reduce the headaches for family members, people fall into one of five categories:…click here to read more

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