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April 12, 2019 • By Dennis Beaver

Today’s story will of special interest to recent high school and college graduates out looking for full-time job.

“If you know what not to do – what not to wear – what not to ask and what not to say, your chances of being hired are significantly increased,” “Spencer” who has over 30 years experience as a human resource hiring manager, told You and the Law. We must caution readers that the remarks you will see here are not politically correct and will be offensive to some people. But they are consistent with comments we have heard from others in HR.

Grooming matters – Few Laws Against Weight Discrimination

Common sense dictates that students should be told about the importance of grooming–appearance and how to dress. Spencer agrees but has found that “Students are seldom told a thing because in today’s college environment any kind of value judgment on how you dress is seen as bigotry.

“If they even know what the real world is and where it is located, professors are not preparing these kids for it, for example, by failing to point out the impact of obesity on a job interview, as well as what is appropriate and inappropriate dress.”…click here to read more