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DennisBeaverAttorney Dennis Beaver has practiced law for many years in Bakersfield, California. Read more about Dennis and his background here. Dennis is a syndicated newspaper columnist and writes a weekly column entitled “You and the Law”. There have been numerous requests over the years to make these articles available and we are happy to offer them here. They are also indexed for your convenience.

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Are warning labels needed for houses of worship?

January 14, 2017 • By Dennis Beaver

“Mr. Beaver, I remember one of your articles that ran several years ago where you had the most extraordinary conversation with a con artist. He would join a church and swindle congregation members in a Ponzi scheme, using religion and trust.

“My elderly mother is on the verge of  ‘investing’ her life savings with a member of our congregation who is promising impossibly huge, monthly returns. I have the creepiest feelings about this guy. Mom loves your column, and I’m sure that if you can find the story and your editors agree to run it again, she and others will read it and hopefully not proceed further.”

We found that story.

“Want to know the easiest way of separating people from their money? Join a church!” here to read more

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