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DennisBeaverAttorney Dennis Beaver has practiced law for many years in Bakersfield, California. Read more about Dennis and his background here. Dennis is a syndicated newspaper columnist and writes a weekly column entitled “You and the Law”. There have been numerous requests over the years to make these articles available and we are happy to offer them here. They are also indexed for your convenience.

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The case of the leaking hot water heater that wasn’t

November 22, 2016 • By Dennis Beaver

One of the great things about air-conditioning is an increase in comfort due to reduced temperature and humidity as refrigeration extracts moisture from the air through condensation. That water must go somewhere, as the Jennings family would discover.

“We’ve got water in the hallway, coming from the closet where the hot water heater and A/C is located. The pan under the heater has water pouring out of it, and the carpet is soaked! Come home right away!” his wife, in a panic, texted.

Thirty minutes later, Ray Jennings found water overflowing the pan under the water heater, soaking the hallway and bedroom carpeting. Fortunately, a few months remained on its 9-year guarantee, so “I called our plumber and a few hours later, we a new hot water heater, blowers going to dry the carpet — preventing mold — and his $300 bill.”…click here to read more

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